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Spring Events in Fort Worth | The Elm at River Park

Spring Events in Fort Worth

  |     |   Fort Worth, TX

Spring is just around the corner. Everyone can enjoy the good weather as they have fun attending spring events in Fort Worth, TX. This year’s spring season will be even more memorable after two years of postponements, closures, and cancellations due to COVID-19.

We’re almost back to normal now, and this means big events, festivals, concerts, and more. With that said, below are five spring events in Fort Worth that you won’t want to miss.

Main Street Arts Festival

One of the most anticipated spring events in Fort Worth, Texas, is the Main Street Arts Festival. You will want to see this if you enjoy arts, music, and food in one big, fantastic event. The festival runs from April 7–10 and will be the 35th year that the event is happening. It will be four days wherein you can indulge in all things art, with more than 200 local artists coming downtown to showcase their work.

Japanese Garden Spring Festival

If you are a fan of everything Japanese or even just enjoy beautiful things, the Japanese Garden Spring Festival is a must-see. Inside the vast campus of the Fort Worth Botanic Garden is where the beautiful Japanese Garden is. This year, the garden celebrates its 50th year and is one of the events many people are excited to see. If you have never attended it before, you will love the color and life brought by the scenery and all the art forms showcased during the event.


Mayfest is one of the top spring activities in Fort Worth, Texas, that everyone has fond memories of. Many generations have seen and experienced Mayfest. Texans have celebrated it for decades, and it has reached its 50th anniversary. If you want to enjoy and be part of this important Fort Worth event, this year’s celebration is happening in Trinity Park from May 5–8. The exact details of the event haven’t been announced. However, you can expect tons of food, entertainment, music, arts and crafts, and possibly fireworks.

Fort Worth Food and Wine Festival

If food and wine are what get you going, then the Fort Worth Food and Wine Festival is an event you’ll want to go to. It’s one of the spring activities in Fort Worth that is finally returning after having to cancel due to the pandemic. They call it the “mouthwatering festival,” and it’s not rocket science why. At this event, you can have the time of your life enjoying the savory flavors brought by local caterers, chefs, and restaurateurs participating. Of course, there are also brewers, bartenders, and wine labels from all over the world who will be there.

Fort Worth Farmer’s Market

One of everyone’s favorite spring activities in Fort Worth, TX, is attending the Fort Worth Farmer’s Market. It’s a special event supporting local businesses and has been going on for at least three decades. It’s not only an event to enjoy local products, it’s a day to support the local economy of Fort Worth. Why should you go to a farmers market event in Fort Worth? Well, it’s the perfect time to get your hands on some of the town’s specialties.


It’s been a while since the people of Fort Worth have been able to enjoy fun festivals and events during spring. It was a shame, but the pandemic halted the fun activities for a while. Now, everyone’s back in business. Don’t miss any of these events, have fun, and make memorable experiences you can look back on in the future.

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