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Fall Events in Fort Worth | The Elm at River Park

Fall Events in Fort Worth

  |     |   Fort Worth, TX

It’s finally fall in Fort Worth, Texas, which means you’ll get to enjoy fantastic fall colors and comfortable cool weather. You’ll likely be browsing things online like “fall things to do in Fort Worth” to maximize the perks and beauty of this season. Below, we’re sharing some of the most fun and exciting fall activities in Fort Worth, so keep scrolling.

Fort Worth Pumpkin Patch Festival

Fall in Fort Worth means looking for that perfect pumpkin that you and your family can carve, paint, and, of course, cook. If you want a complete and memorable pumpkin experience, don’t miss the Fort Worth Pumpkin Patch Festival on October 13. You won’t run out of fun things to do — from carving pumpkins and striking different poses in the photo booth to choosing unique items from gift shops.

The festival is also a foodie paradise. Whether you’re craving some burgers, tacos, pollo asado, pupusa, popcorn, or cotton candy, the Fort Worth Pumpkin Patch Festival has prepared everything for you. Refreshment stands, cafes, and a picnic area are waiting for you, too.

Fort Worth Boo at the Zoo

If you want fall activities in Fort Worth that the whole family will enjoy, include Fort Worth Boo at the Zoo on your list. Happening from October 28 to 30, Boo at the Zoo makes your fall more exciting with animal and themed shows, as well as amazing treat stations. Lines are expected to be long, so you might want to be there as early as you can.

Fort Worth Botanic Garden

Make your fall more remarkable by visiting the Fort Worth Botanic Garden. You’re sure to fall in love with the colors, especially Japanese maples’ stunning shades of yellow and orange. Just a few minutes away from downtown, the Fort Worth Botanic Garden gives you spectacular garden views, gift shops, exhibits, and a café. They’re also hosting Lightscape, the newest holiday attraction that runs from November 18 to January 8.

Fall Patio Container Gardens

If you want to elevate the look and feel of your patio this season, Fall Patio Container Gardens by Fossil Creek Tree Farm & Nursery is for you. In this engaging and educational class, you’ll learn to make the perfect fall containers that match different colors, straight from Master Gardener Max. He’ll also teach you what to plant inside pumpkins, so you can take your outdoor décor to the next level.

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